A series of annual collections of scientific articles on the history of ancient pedagogical culture was established in September 2017. Each issue of the Hupothêkai collection will include scientific articles, original texts, and translations of foreign scientific works on the topic. This will enable us to present the reader to a wide range of opinions belonging to representatives of various scientific schools and research areas, and to initiate an interdisciplinary field for scientific discussions. The conception of each issue is organised around the received texts and is obligatorily discussed with potential authors.

The title of this collection is Hypothêkai – a polysemantic word (“instructions”, “advice”, “precepts”), which should not mislead the reader: they will not be taught by the ancient texts or tired by some clever advice. This title was suggested by Brett M. Rogers, a specialist in ancient pedagogy and lecturer at the University of Puget Sound, whose knowledge of ancient texts is leagues ahead of mine. I would like to express my deep gratitude to him for this idea as well as for our scientific discussions, during one of which he pointed to the fragments of the precepts of the centaur Kheiron “Hypothêkai of Kheiron” (“Precepts of Kheiron”) often ascribed to Hesiod. According to the legend, that lost poem of collected wisdom was passed to humans by the centaur Kheiron, the famous mentor of Achilles. The collection title just alludes to that lost work, inviting to a deep study of ancient texts. I wish to express a heartfelt gratitude to my colleague, Professor Vitaliy G. Bezrogov for his support and his inspirational insistence on the highest academic standards.

Victoria Pichugina


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