Dear Colleagues and prospective authors!

We are pleased to invite you to take part in the annual collection of articles on the history of ancient pedagogical culture. Each issue combines scientific articles, original texts, translations of foreign scientific works on the topic and reviews. This allows us to present the reader to a wide range of opinions belonging to representatives of various scientific schools and research areas, and to initiate an interdisciplinary field for scientific discussions on the history of ancient pedagogical culture. The conception of each issue is organised around the indicated theme and is obligatorily discussed with potential authors.

The theme of the seventh issue is “Sophists and Education (materials and proposals are accepted until March 11, 2023). We invite authors exploring the following issues: the sophistic approach to care for the self through education, the pedagogical confrontation between the sophists and Socrates, the sophists as creators of the cult of the word and innovators in rhetorical education, the second sophistic and education.

If you are interested, please inform us of your desire to become a publishing editor or author of the issue by sending an approximate topic and amount of material in printed sheets. Publication process is free for all authors. Please note that the editorial team do not distribute hard copies to the authors and members of the editorial board, and do not distribute the journal by subscription, either. The author can receive his hard copy at the editorial office.